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Kids Night & Teen Night

Biweekly Wednesdays (Schedule below)


Kids Night is led by Maggie Swanson for students in grades 1-5.  They will eat with the Teens for the meal at 6pm and then split off into their own group for more age-appropriate activities and learning.

Teen Night is led by Pastor Lisa and Lael Storlie for students in grades 6-12. They will share a meal with the Kids at 6pm and then study the New Testament (Spring 2022) through the CoLABorate SparkBible Curriculum.  Participants are encouraged to bring a friend.

The Meal is organized by Jen Drotts who looks for parent volunteers to prep the meal and clean up afterwards. Favorite meals have been tacos, hotdish, pizza, sandwiches, and we tried Pad Thai once. :-)

Kid/Teen Night Dates (N.T. Topics for Teens)

Jan. 12       Maps

Jan. 26       The New Testament

Feb. 9         Jesus

Feb. 23       Matthew

Mar. 9         Mark

Mar. 23       Luke

Apr. 6         John

Apr. 20       Acts

May 4         Paul & the Early Church

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