Bethany Weekly Schedule

Sunday  9:30am        Worship in Sanctuary
              10:30am      Coffee & Treats in Fellowship Hall
Monday 10:30am       MOVE IT Exercise Group
               7:00pm        Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous
Tues.      10:00am      Bible Study (in person & via Zoom)
Wed.     10:00am       Quilters Group (open to all)
               6:00pm       Kid & Teen Night - biweekly
               6:15pm       Bell Choir Practice
               7:15pm       Choir Practice
Thurs.     10:30am       MOVE IT Exercise Group

Upcoming Events     

Tues, Sept. 7th      Hybrid Bible Study begins at 10am in-person and                                    over Zoom


Wed., Sept 8th      Bell Choir Practice begins 6:15pm
                              Choir Practice begins at 7:15pm

Sun., Sept. 12th    Grandparents Sunday – a special blessing for                                          grandparents and grandchildren

Wed., Sept. 15th  Kids Night begins (grades 1-5) from 6pm-7:15pm,                                            meal included, biweekly
                            Teen Night begins (grades 6-12) from 6pm-7:15pm,                                          meal included, biweekly

Sun., Sept. 26th   Centennial Sunday Celebration starting at 10:30am